Windows Sql Server Database Design

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Windows SQL Server Database Design and Optimization

Assessor Name: Mr. : Jayaraj Arul Samji

Student Name: Kaushal Patel Student Id: 14042338


Improving the performance of SQL Server queries purpose of this document is to describe different ways. With occasional references to a specific code snippets in this document, index optimization will describe. In other words, run queries against tables in this document, will describe how to achieve the best performance.
Database design issues and the entity - relationship modeling techniques flawed design can seriously affect performance in many ways, however, is beyond the scope of this document. Than credited with this unit standard are able to explain purpose designing hardware and software in database. Than knowledge of server administration, designing physical storage, designing server-level security, data recovery solutions and object-level security.
You will be required to demonstrate the competency in the following aspects through submitted written work on the assessment tasks. o Design hardware and software infrastructure. o Design physical storage. o Design database security. o Designing physical database. o Designing data recovery and data archiving.

Q.1) when designing the hardware and software infrastructure for orange company –Give at least five key decisions that you would consider?
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