Windrunner Film Analysis

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Throughout the past week I have been able to not only watch a film that contains important Native American influences and themes, but I have also been studying a film that provides several interesting aspects of Native American history since 1900 and their impact on American history. The film that I have chosen to study and review for this movie review assignment is Windrunner, produced in 1994, and directed by William Tannen. I choose this film, because not only does it contain several Native American beliefs and ideas, but it also provides interesting facts and information regarding Native Americans who played in American football. In this write up we will be able to see a little of the director’s background and biases, the genre of the film, and how the film portrays Indians. Besides these we will also be able to look at an overall assessment of the historical accuracy of the film and how it corrects stereotypes.…show more content…
Another thing about the life of William Tannen is that he has also done several workshops on directing films and received many Grammy Awards for the films he has directed. While going through Windrunner, some of Tannen’s biases are that not only does he include several Indian spiritual beliefs and customs. Tannen also focuses on sharing with audiences how they might apply meanings from the film to their own life’s and dreams. Another bias he was able to include is how many important Native Americans who had played in athletic sports were able to influence younger generations who also wanted to
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