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Community and Population Health Windshield Survey
This assessment is a foundational exercise for you to learn about your environment and explore where you live. Take some time to intentionally explore your county. Look at your county as the home and the place of work for the county residents.
While driving through your community, stop for coffee or have lunch in a neighborhood. Find a place to eat where you can sit down as part of the community. You may want to walk around your community as well so that you can explore it from both a driving perspective and a walking perspective.
Once you have observed the area, write about your impressions of the county in your notes. Reflect on any surprises and whether the county
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 * How do people get in and out of the neighborhoods (e.g., car, bus, bike, walking)? 
 * Are the streets and roads conducive to good transportation and bicycle use and also 
to community life? 
 * Are there major highways running through the county? Who do these highways 
 * How frequently is public transportation available? 
 * Are gas stations available? 
 * Are there train stations or light rail stations? 
Service centers: 
 * Do you see social agencies, clients, recreation centers, signs of activity at the schools? 
 * Are there offices of doctors, dentists, and other such services? 
 * Are there parks? Are these parks in use? 
 * Where do residents shop (e.g., shopping centers, neighborhood stores, outdoor markets)? 
 * How do they travel? 
People out and about: 
 * If you are traveling during the day, who do you see on the street (e.g., an occasional 
passerby, a father with a baby)? 
 * Do you see anyone you would not expect? 
 * Can you spot the purpose of those that you see, such as a door-to-door salesperson 
or a postal worker? 
 * Is the dress of those you see representative or unexpected? 
 * What animals do you see (e.g., stray cats, pedigreed pets, watchdogs, birds,
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