Windshield Survey Analysis

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Subsystems 4-6
Through a windshield survey one is able to assess a city. While touring through a city, one can evaluate and assess many different parts that make up the city. In this survey specific attention and detail was paid attention to in regards to three subsystems of the city. The three subsystems that will be discussed are education, recreation, and politics & government.
Through the tour of Sentinel City, one school area was noted. It is unable to be determined if it is a private school or public school. There are school buses in the area that are most likely used to bring the children to and from the school. Although buses are available, it still remains possible that some parents may choose to drive their
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Through the tour of Sentinel City one campaign billboard was noted. It is not a campaign for one particular party. The billboards is an american flag that says “YOUR VOTE COUNTS”. Looking at the fact that there is only one billboard or sign in a city this size does not make me feel like the political machine has much interest in the city. Politics is an important topic in relation to health care. As stated by McDonough & Butler (2016) “our nation’s over-reliance on medical care to address human needs that could far more effectively and efficiently be addressed in preventive and non-medical ways by tackling the social determinants of health” (p.397). With topics like this, a densely populated area can have weight in the political community in starting discussions on public…show more content…
Some parts of city life are seen as positive attributes, and with the good, there are negative attributes as well. If I were to be considering purchasing a home in Sentinel City, I would first weigh the pros and cons of moving there. The diversity of the city is one thing I see as a positive factor, the different sections of the city present exposure to different cultural things like different people, food, and music. This diversity is a welcomed mix in life. The proximity of medical care to the city is another plus to moving into Sentinel City. It is comforting to know emergency care is only minutes away. This would also likely be my place of employment, so commuting to work would be very short and easy. The elevated rail system will fall in to both the positive and negative details in Sentinel City. Being near a public train system makes commuting affordable, and convenient. In contrast to what appears to be the good details of the city, there are also negative ones. The elevated train can prove to be disruptive, noisy, and polluting. Another down side to Sentinel City, is the lack of supermarkets within the city. There are bodegas throughout, but no larger options for food shopping. This lack of options is a potential health problem. According to Fiechtner et al, (2016), there is a correlation with fruit/vegetabel intake, weight status, and proximity to a supermarket. Lastly, the lack of bike lanes in
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