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The place is chose to conduct my Windshield Survey was, Sunnyvale, Texas, where I resided for the past 7 years. Windshield survey is conducted to observe the health of the community and its members. The factors affecting health is collected and community health nurses intervene to create a difference either to the entire community or its members. Community assessment helps identify community needs, clarify problems, and identify strengths and resources 351. Even though I lived and worked in this community, I have noticed many disturbing facts that have not changed in the past few years. The town of Sunnyvale is very diverse in terms of ethnicity, age, religion and shares both rural as well as urban areas. After conducting an extensive…show more content…
This can be achieved by offering promotions and discounts on a regular basis. Schools, recreational centers, and local clinics can educate the public on the deleterious effects of smoking. The American Heart Association can conduct classes at the community hospital to educate people to prevent heart diseases and stroke. The second diagnosis I would like to concentrate on is, obesity. This is a rampant health problem seen not only among adults but children and elderly too. As public transport is not well connected to this community, people are heavily dependent on private cars. Not many are seen walking even during summer or fall. Lack of sidewalks also discourages people from walking to nearby places. Nurses can definitely intervene to create a difference. Health education classes can be held in the community. schools, clinics, and hospitals. Awareness to fight obesity by leading a healthy lifestyle. Importance on eating a wholesome nutritious food must be emphasized. Fitness centers can motivate people especially the elderly population by offering more discounts to senior citizens. The third issue I would like to address is, the fall in the elderly age group. According to the city data website, the distribution in the residents age has seen a fall in its elderly population which includes both male and female equally. There is a constant rise in the age group between 10- 20 years.

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