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Elements Descriptors Physical Environment Sunnyside is a community in the southern part of Houston, There are significant amount of hazardous waste in Sunnyside with eight Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting facilities, three Large Quantity Generators (LQG) of hazardous waste, two major dischargers, of air pollutants, and a facility which treats, stores or disposes of hazardous waste. ● Boundaries Sunnyside boundaries are on the North is 610 south loop, it is bounded on the west by State HWY 288 and is south of Downtown Houston. According to M.E, the community is known with this slogan “Sunnyside Pride." ● Housing and Zoning Most of the housing is old and it looks “rundown”. They are made of…show more content…
● PovertyIndications According to the 2010 US Census data, “ About 60% Sunnyside residents are either unemployed or not in the work force. Nearly 40% of the residents live below the poverty line and 64% had incomes less than twice that of Houston’s poverty level. Of those living below the poverty line, 44% were children under the age of 18 and 14% were adults 65 and older” Services in the Community Services to the community are social services, Schools , post office, fire station , police station and businesses. ● Social Services There are five parks Sunnyside Park as follows: Blue ridge Park, Scott crest Park, Grimes Park, Sunflower Park. There is a newly build YMCA. Sunnyside Multi-Service Center which have Houstoncommunity college to offer GED,YMCA senior program, WIC, Kids Village that “Provides services to families of children 0-16 years of age for link to social services case man agent” Harris county juvenile Probation “Provides probation services for children over the ages of ten (10) and under the age of seventeen (17)” other services offered, Cradles Parenting Classes , Community Health Choice Medicaid Chip, Houston Food Bank Senior Distribution Commodity Program, Client Link & Referral Services ,Sunnyside Health Clinic ,NCI Fitness Program Seniors (ages 60+) Community organization and agencies, Sunnyside Gardens Bayou Estates Minister's Support Group Precinct 7 1st Thursday of the month Southeast Precinct Judges,3rd

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