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Windshield Survey Michelle Smith University of Phoenix Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice NUR/405 Robert Roth April 23, 2012 Windshield Survey A Windshield Survey was completed for the city of Sandy Lake, a town in Northwestern PA with a population of approximately 13,000 people (Quick Facts Census website, 2012). The purpose of the survey is to identify Meadville’s community health needs. In addition to performing the survey, research was performed online to obtain supplemental demographic data. The research resulted in the following information about Meadville: * The ancestral lineage of the city is the Pennsylvania Dutch, who was descendants of Germany (City of Sandy Lake website, 2012). * The average…show more content…
Interstate 79 on the south end of town. The boundaries of the inner city area that were surveyed vary. On the north end of the city, the boundary is economical with more expensive housing noted while exiting the inner city area. The west side of the city has a highway that separates the inner city residential area from an industrial park. The east side of the city becomes more rural while driving further out of the city. A business district that appears more modern is the boundary for the south side of the town. | Commons | Children and youth primarily play in the recreational park, whereas adults tend to spend time in the park with the gazebo and benches. Although children from a nearby day care center can be seen walking in line through the gazebo park. A bar/restaurant on the main street is a busy establishment for adults. A 24 –hour convenient store is a popular hangout for teenagers who stand outside smoking cigarettes and socializing. A school on the east edge of town has school-aged children practicing on the fields. | Transportation | Multiple means of transportation are noted. Most people drive cars to work in the city because the housing becomes more rural and dispersed outside the city limits. Two people are noted to be riding pedal bikes through town. People who live within the city can also walk or take the public bus. The municipality owns the buses and

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