Windsor Harbor Yearbook Essay

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The title “Windsor Harbor Yearbook staff” more or less reveals that this group works on the high school's yearbook. Being a part of the staff may seem like an easy task, however these individuals have responsibility than one may think. Other than creating a yearbook, the staff’s obligations include getting appropriate photos, making sure everyone can be included in the book, and interviewing students and teachers.
The staff members meets at school everyday during 7th hour in a class called publications. Class generally begins with an informational meeting held by the teacher and the editors. During a typical meeting the staff goes over what needs to be accomplished, what sports events are coming up, and when the deadline for particular
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Mods are similar to supporting details. There will be a copy, or a short story, and a photo that relates to the main topic of the spread. Bleeding an image just means it runs off of the page and the gutter is where the two pages meet in a book. The table of contents is very important for the yearbook and is referred to as the ladder. The editors choose the order of the ladder to make the whole book flow together and to make sure nothing seems out of place or forgotten.
Something that the editors write besides the ladder, are small notes on the staffs spreads. An editor can leave a note if they do not approve of a layout or if anything needs to be altered. Editors have the final say, other than the teachers, on how a page looks. Staff members can sometimes become angry over the fact that an editor may change a feature on their pages without warning.
A student can become a part of the Harbor staff at the beginning of their sophomore year if they filled out an application the year before. The requirements of a staff member include being reliable, obtaining quality grades, and having no major disciplinary actions. Since the yearbook is made by the students all of the staff members need to be students who can be counted on. Yearbook representatives should not include anyone who is known for slacking off or not completing things that they signed up for. If a student does not work on their pages they will not be
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