Windsor's Tourism as a Honey Pot Site

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An accurate definition of tourism is when individuals travel for pleasure or it may be the business catering for people who do this. There are many reasons as to why people might visit different locations. It could be to explore different civilizations and ethnicities for example, Greece; or it could simply be to experience a different lifestyle and to take a break from their usual routine and rest, for example, Venice.
Tourism is a tertiary industry which enables people worldwide to take trips to places for their own conveniences. I t is also the fastest growing business on the planet. Some people may decide to visit these places for purposes such as leisure attraction and as a part of their holidays.
The tourist industry has changed by
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This will earn the companies much more money, therefore increasing tourist industry. Also, many people listen to radios so individuals who hear about holidays with reasonable prices will be intrigued. On the other hand, by simply browsing the internet you can find the ideal holiday that suits you the best. There are an immense amount of websites that have been created to give individuals a perfect insight as to what their vacation will be like.
As many individuals benefit from their holidays, the tourist industry continues to grow rapidly. Many more people are beginning to find vacations a necessity to their lifestyles, therefore causing many more people overall to pay large amounts for their holidays.
• Tourism provides jobs for the people living in and out of Windsor.
• Tourism improves the infrastructure of the area, as the money tourists use goes towards improving the area.
• Tourism can help conserve places, as the money tourists spend can be used to reinforce the main tourist attractions.
• Some jobs are poorly paid and seasonal, for example, Legoland.
• Tourist industries may need to employ individuals from abroad, resulting in more money being used.
• Ecosystems may be damaged due to overcrowding problems such as littering, polluting the area with vehicles and smoking.
• The local people may lose current and new land due to
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