Windy Day Narrative

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It was a windy day on September 16, 2012. This is taking place at Walton Elementary School and I am mostly the central character. This story is non-fictional as a result, it is about me. I was playing soccer as the goalie for the other team that day.
“Let’s try to win”, spoke Kayden as the team ran to the soccer area. First of all, I continued to be the goalie and they started the game with a fierce kick. However, they mostly kept the ball zooming out in the field area. Four times we scored in their goalie box. After that, the ball was kicked passed the goalie box I was guarding and by the basketball courts.
“I’ll bring it back”, I spoke as I ran to bring it. However, Alex instead of handing to me, kicked at me to catch it. My heart almost leaped out of my skin for when that ball connected to my index finger I let out a meager cry. I glanced down at my hand and I could not extend my finger for it was jammed. It was tough not to cry and since it continued to be painful, I sat on the swings just staring at it. I was in immense pain, whispering to myself, I hope it won’t become broken since I use this hand for almost anything. Since it was close to school being out by
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That night, after hurrying to the ER my hand swelled three times the size it should’ve been, generating me to cry a immense deal of tears. My mom hurried me to the ER again and they placed two bags of ice on my hand to cause the swelling to hurry down. After that, they cut the wrappings off with ordinary scissors, wrapping my hand once further in fresh wrappings. On the way home we were stopped for a no tag light and mom tiredly, spoke,” Sorry officer, I didn’t notice that I had no tag light since I just came from the ER with my daughter”. The policewoman gave her a warning and returned to her duty. To manage the pain, I had to use Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Jon had to accomplish the dishes all that
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