Wine Analysis of Fining Agents Chemistry

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CHEMISTRY-WINE MAKING | Investigating the effectiveness of common fining agents on homemade fruit wine with respect to Turbidity, Sediment level, Ph and Alcohol content. | | Year 12 Chemistry | Extended Experimental InvestigationA comparison of chemical flocculation agents | Mario Mitov | Mrs Cullen 2011 | | Contents: 1.0- Abstract 2.0- Introduction/Background 3.0- Aim 4.0- Hypothesis 5.0- Safety analysis 6.0- Equipment and Materials 7.0- Procedures/Methods 8.1- Initial wine making procedure 8.2- Addition of clearing agents including ratio conversion…show more content…
1997). Ultimately, the yeast which are facultative fungal organisms provide enzymes that break down sugar molecules while releasing Ethanol and Carbon Dioxide as by-products through the exothermic reaction: C6H1206 --->2CH3CH2OH + 2CO2 + 115kj/mol. Winemakers will usually stop the fermentation process once a desired alcohol level is achieved however the fermentation can naturally stop after reaching a certain level of alcohol that subsequently becomes toxic to the yeast thus killing them (Smith, D. 2009). Once fermentation is over, many wines may display signs of turbidity or cloudiness. This is due to suspended particulates such as proteins, tannins, phenols or dead yeast cells that cause haziness in wine when not removed. These particles can precipitate out of the wine naturally under the influence of gravity however this is a lengthy process and those that want fast results rely on chemical clarification. Chemicals for the purpose of wine clarification are known as fining or flocculation agents and are widely used in the wine industry. These agents are commonly derived from Earths, Proteins, Carbons, Synthetic polymers, Polysaccharides and other substances (Zoecklein, B. 1988). It is extremely important that a commercial wine be cleared of any suspended impurities so that it appeals to the consumer. Fining agents generally clarify the wine in three different

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