Wine As A Alcoholic Beverage That Can Be Easily Evaporated While Left

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1. Introduction
1.1 What is wine?

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that can be easily evaporated while left in room temperature. The plant source of producing wine is grapes. Common examples of grapes that are used to produce wine are Chardonnay, Cabernet sauvignon, Gamay and Merlot. To obtain wine, the plant sources that are grapes that consist of sugar must be crushed and added with water to produce mesh for fermentation with the presence of yeast. During fermentation, the yeast feeds on the sugar and results in producing carbon dioxide and ethanol which is known as alcohol.

1.2 Types of wine

Wines can be categorized into two which are old world wine and new world wine. The countries that produced old world wine included France, German, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria and Romania. The characteristic of old world wine is light bodied. Old world wine is watery and..... In short, the lower the concentration of the wine, the lower the sugar level in the wine. The countries that produced new world wine included Australia, California, United States, Thailand and Singapore. New world wine is full bodied which is not watery..... These wine are basically less quality compare to old world wine and there is no particular description to new world wine products. .................... Sparkling wine is light wine which added with carbon dioxide (CO2). The alcohol percentage of sparkling wine is between 8% to 15%. There are many countries around the world that have produce sparkling…

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