Wine Culture Means A Lot

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Wine culture means a lot to people. People can suspend their ‘secular identities’ throughout the bottle opening, rituals, wine festivals, wine tastings (Fuller, R. 1996). Wine has been called a ‘chemical symphony’, ‘bottled poetry’ and a ‘capture sunshine’ (Becker 1979)
To start with, wine is produced only once a year, in the fall, when the grapes are ripen. Grapes contain yeast and when these are compressed into a pot for a period of time, then yeast ferments sugar in the juice into alcohol and Carbon Dioxide. A few days later, wine is produced (Stefan, K. 2002)
At the Neolithic settlements in the Zagros Mountains of today’s Iran, wine was likely made from the native Vitis vinifera sylvestris grape. With the passage of time, the vitis vinifera sylvestris evolved into Vitis vinifera vinifera to which all the European grape varieties belong. (Kenneth, F. & Connee, R. 2000)

o 8500-4000 B.C - Neolithic Period:
In the Neolithic period, Homo Sapiens settled in villages, cultivated the land and domesticated the animals as well as it believed that they were the first who had produced beer, wine, bread, meat and grain. Neolithic cuisine has developed because the people have discovered different techniques in food processing such us fermentation, soaking, heating, spicing. People of this period, used wine not for drinking but for mixing it with water, and by that making water safer for drinking as the alcohol in wine was enough to kill many pathogens. Even today during the…
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