Wine & Food Pairing

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Wine and food pairing

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Executive summary
Veneto is a wine region, situated in the North of
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White wines are made from this grape, and will taste like green apples and citrus (fruity). The wines that are made from Pinot Grigio do not need to be aged.
Corvina: This grape is used to make full-bodied red wines, where the grapes are often dried before fermentation, to concentrate flavors, sugar content and tennis. The wines made from this grape taste like red fruit and has smoky characteristics.
Veronese: Grapes that make wine that are light colored and low in tannin, it has aroma and acidity. A wine from this grape smiles like cherries and flowers with a bit of almond.
Rondinella: Plays a role in different wines, with more grape varieties. This grape makes dried grape wine, a method which is used to make the wine sweeter and stronger.
Molinara: This grape gives more sour to wines and is mostly mixed together with the grapes Corvina, Rondinella and Bordolino.
Garganega: This grape adds acidity to wines. Wines made from this grape are light-colored.
Trebbiano: this is the most important white wine grape from Italy. Wines from this grape taste like green apples and add sour, it has a round taste.

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Veneto offers three D.O.C.G. wines and twenty-three D.O.C. wines. In the classification of Italian wines there are four categories, the table wine, this is the lowest category and is called Vino da Tavola. On the third place stands Table

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