Wine Quality Of Wine Tourism

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Wine making history can be traced back to fourth century BC. Wine making in China has also last for at least 2000 years. Wine tourism is defined as a special tourist activities related to visit winery and wine producing area thereby obtain broadly feelings and experiences, including wine tasting, wine appreciation, food, touring around wine producing areas and learning cultural and life style of the wine producing area. The activities usually last for one day or more (Zhan & Li, 2009). Wine tourism as a tourist type with specific purpose and feature, it has relationships with primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry. Wine tourism began in 1950s, and France was the origin of wine cultural and wine tourism. South Africa…show more content…
As a subcategory of China alcohol beverage cultural, wine cultural has a broadly concept, including development of cultivation techniques on grape trough thousands of years, wine making techniques, regulatory system and rules, convention of wine, glassware and literatures created by ancient literati etc. Narrow definition of wine cultural only includes drinking and tasting etiquettes, conventions and stories of wine etc (Wu & Zhan, 2006). In general, wine cultural includes all activities and things that related to wine. Resource of Wine Cultural and Tourism Wine-oriented tourism resource is defined as a synthese of resource related to wine planting and producing, and can attract tourists, stimulate tourist motivation, and can be used by tourism industry, creating economy benefits, social benefits and environment benefits in nature and human society (Li & Yu, 2008). Wine tourism resource can be broadly categorized into two types which are natural tourism resource and cultural tourism. Natural tourism includes grape planting area, vineyards, equipment of wine making, architecture, cellar and etc. cultural tourism resource includes wine history, wine cultural, wine appreciation techniques, wine planting techniques, wine museum, all services and entertainments related to wine tourism, wine festivals and collections of wine (Getz & Brown,
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