Wine Quality Of Wine Tourism

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Wine making history can be traced back to fourth century BC. Wine making in China has also last for at least 2000 years. Wine tourism is defined as a special tourist activities related to visit winery and wine producing area thereby obtain broadly feelings and experiences, including wine tasting, wine appreciation, food, touring around wine producing areas and learning cultural and life style of the wine producing area. The activities usually last for one day or more (Zhan & Li, 2009).
Wine tourism as a tourist type with specific purpose and feature, it has relationships with primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry. Wine tourism began in 1950s, and France was the origin of wine cultural and wine tourism. South Africa as a new region of wine producing, it also has a wine tourism history of 30 years. At present, wine tourism has a thrill development in many countries and regions, especially in Europe, Australia and the US. Wine tourism has become a competitive tourist product (Dimitri, Nancy & Norbert, 2004).
With the high speed development of China wine industry and the massive need of tourism, wine tourism demand also had a great increase as a specific type of tourism. Analysis on the resource of China wine tourism has positive effects for the development of China tourism industry.

Definition of Wine cultural in China
Alcohol beverage cultural is an integration of materials, techniques, spirit and behaviors. It not only includes the origin, producing,…
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