Wine Strategic Plan Essay

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I. Executive summary
The quality and reputation of wellington wine have a key role to play in strengthening wellington wine’s brand promise of being a vibrant and welcoming place that celebrates the good things in life.

Wellington wines core brand attribute of being Australia’s home of exceptional wine and produce, complements other core brand attributes of un spoilt nature at close proximity, enterprising tradition of creativity and innovation, and a beautiful city and festival spirit.

The Strategic Plan target is to achieve an increase in Australia wine market from $50 billion in 2011-2012 to $57.5 billion in 2012-2013. The wellington strategic Plan identifies the priority strategies to achieve this target. One of these
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* Lack of resources for grower organizations to meet increasing demands for relationship management in the wine industry value chain, with government and the general community * Lack of capital for small growers and wineries to fund new initiatives and market opportunities


* To grow the market for the future of this company will be win more market share in line with increasing Australia wine consumption, * With the growing consummation of wellington wine in Australia market line increasing per capita wine consumption. * Promoting the wellington wine for food service and hospitality sectors in amongst Australia and overseas traveller, promoting worldwide who are seeking quality branded wines building high level collaboration in the value chain for increasing competitiveness in the world wine market, * Developing wine grape grower relationships with the Australian Government through the Industry Partnerships Programmers. Threats * There are a number of very serious economic threats that cloud the short term outlook. * Domestic inflation is high in Australia, the governments keep rising the tax。 * Production costs are

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