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Jeff Kim 8 July 2013 Wine to Water Paper Almost everyone goes through a new transition in their lives; many experience a new challenge, a new journey, and new friends. The transition is not easy and many struggle to fit into a strange environment. We all have that feeling of shock and nervousness when entering in a whole different world or society. It is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of it is a common emotion that human face when facing new obstacles. Doc Hendley, founder of Wine to Water was an ordinary person who struggled to find a purpose of his life, until one friend inspired him to do something with his life that would change his destiny forever. That inspiration has turn Hendley into a world-wide…show more content…
In Sudan Doc met Amir, Hilary, and Hamid who were educated Muslims who helped him fix the broken wells and were the main translators during his 12-months stay in Sudan. Doc also met Coy; the two had many similarities such as being both from the United States, enjoying the same type of music, and boxing. The presences of these people help Hendley become more motivated and confident. Understanding of what his friends went through growing up in the cruel areas of Sudan has turn Doc who only care about himself in the past become a leader and vowed to protect his friends and help the people get access to clean and drinkable water the best he can. As I think about Doc’s progression of meeting these people it reminded me of my transition of meeting my roommates: Kevin, Chris, and David. For me I’m usually not very comfortable of meeting new people and the transition of moving into with someone that I‘ve never met was a nervous moment for me, but as time went by our relationship grew and my confident level of meeting new people became high. This is a good progress that will help me to become a more social which is very crucial of getting a good career. Doc Hendly’s accomplishment is an inspiration and an amazing story that delivers a power message to those who wants to make difference in life. His struggles to find his identity and his worth shows that even someone who didn’t accomplish anything in their early
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