Essay about Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson

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Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson

George Williard's decision to depart Winesburg in Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson is comparable to George Milton's decision to leave the ranch in Of Mice of Men by John Steinbeck. Several factors activate Williard and Milton to depart, and one reason is they both long for a more fulfilling life. Also the voiceless people around Williard and the vulgar people around Milton drives them away. Finally the death of Elizabeth Williard pushes George Williard all the way out of Winesburg, and the death of Lenny Small gives Milton a final reason to leave the ranch.
First of all Williard and Milton long for a more fulfilling life and they realize their current homes will not supply a more fulfilling
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As for George Milton he desires a life of self-employment. Milton was only working on the ranch to achieve his goal of self-employment. Milton was going to save money he earned from working on the ranch, buy a small piece of land, and cultivate it.
Secondly, the silent grotesques around Williard gives him a reason to leave, and the vulgar ranch workers surrounding Milton leads him to the point of leaving. Looking at the people around Williard first shows Williard to be a voice for the grotesques and a youthful ear that receives valuable advice for the future. For example; Wash Williams warns young Williard of women, Wing Biddlebaum shows him how one moment changed his life forever, and Dr. Parcival illustrates what will happen if ones main goal is to be popular. And Williard saw these flaws transpiring in his life and knew the only way to escape becoming like his neighbors were to leave Winesburg. Next, the vulgar ranch workers encompassing Milton shows him a view of the future if he remains on the ranch. Milton sees the workers at their worst when they kill Candy's old dog. From this he realizes that if they are that amoral they can not be controlled and might kill again. He knows he must leave the ranch because of them.
Finally, the death of George Williard's mother is the biggest factor contributing to his departure. Also the death of Lenny Small is Milton's biggest reason for leaving the ranch. In George
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