Winged Me Narrative

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The scent of salt water tickles my nose as I enter the small town of Kiros. I smile, it’s good to revisit the town I grew up in. I’ve been living in the … unique servants corridors of the Swinfield Manor. However, weeks ago I left and I hope never to return. My town has a humble population but today the place is mobbed with people. They’ve all come for the festival, but I have come for different reason. To meet the woman with the wings, to kill the woman who ended my father. I’ve been planning her death for weeks and I know I’ll enjoy the satisfaction of killing the one who cursed me and ripped my life into thousands of tiny shreds. The crisp, sweet scented air pushes my auburn hair into my eyes as I make my way to the crumbling alleys and…show more content…
So, as she flys forward to attack once more, I throw my hands up creating spikes of darkness. The darkness pushes through the light solidifying around me. The Winged One has no time to stop or slow so she flies forward to the spikes protecting. One of them stabs straight through her left wing. The woman lets out a bloodcurdling cry then is as limp as a rag doll.
After the staff of darkness skewers her wing I release it and the darkness dissipates. The one that has wings falls to the ground with a sickening thunk and doesn’t rise.
Adrenaline courses through me as I cautiously move towards her. Her body lies limp and lifeless. A pool of grey-red blood darkness the ground around her. I nudge her gently with my foot. “Are you dead?” I whisper. No answer. I flip her over with my boot and find that her chest isn’t rising and falling. She isn’t breathing. She is dead.
A mixture of emotions roar inside me. Joy that the witch is finally dead. The one who killed my father is finally gone. Then … sadness. I killed a person I don't even know the name of. I killed someone. This is the first person I’ve ever killed. I just hope I won’t have to
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