Winn Dixie Is A Supermarket

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Winn Dixie is a supermarket that we all should be familiar with here in south Florida. There is a great chance that we have shop their at least once before. To external customers, Winn Dixie is known for their customer loyalty programs such as gaining fuel perks when one utilize their Winn Dixie card. In this paper, we will acquire an inside scoop of how Winn Dixie internal customers interact with each other, and we will garner an overall idea of their business philosophy. Cedrick Freeman, Winn Dixie customer service representative will be our information guide through this process.
Initially, Mr. Freeman walked us through and thoroughly described the customer service philosophy in his organization; he was very proud to share this information with our team. He said jovially, “At Winn-Dixie we’re committed to getting better all the time. When it comes to our customers, we strive for better smiles, better aisles, better products, better variety, better value & better neighborhood involvement.” As we can see here, Winn Dixie is devoted to customer satisfaction. This is one characteristic that a successful organization possesses. With this fundamental philosophy, Winn Dixie will be a major competitor in our community. I remember shopping at the Winn Dixie that resides at Lauderhill Mall in the past. I inform Mr. Freeman that his organization philosophy is being felt by his external customers; I can recall shopping at Winn Dixie, and their aisles are really diverse with a lot

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