Winning A One Loss Florida Gators Team Won The Southeastern Conference Title Game

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play with contenders in the power conferences. In 2007 a one loss Florida Gators team won the Southeastern Conference title game and jumped ahead of number two Michigan who didn’t play that week. In 2004 an undefeated Auburn Tigers team was not able to able to play for the National Championship because they started out at a ranking of 17 in the beginning of the season and were not able to jump ahead of USC or Oklahoma since they went undefeated as well. Critics argue that if the change was made to have a playoff the BCS rankings will not by having a playoff system the BCS rankings will not be ignored and will still be used. When determining who will make it to the playoff the BCS ranking will be used. The top four teams each play a…show more content…
Ever since it has been established there has not been a team with 3 losses in the top 5. Only one time has there been a two loss team to make it to the National Championship game. An argument against having a playoff would be that teams would be rewarded for having an easy strength of schedule and not scheduling difficult out of conference games. There would not be much reason for a non-power conference teams to schedule difficult games out of conference if it means more to go undefeated. In NCAA Basketball non major conferences teams that don’t schedule may get unlucky when it comes to making NCAA tournament do to a lack of strength of Schedule. For conferences such as the Southeastern Conference and Big 12 which the teams are better should get rewarded by having more difficult games. A one loss team in the Southeastern Conference shows much more than a one loss Mountain West conference. This would be unfair to the major conferences. It was because of this reason that the BCS takes in consideration the Strength of schedule and quality wins. In 2002 Miami was left out of the title game even though they beat Florida State head to head and yet Florida State made it. Florida State lost and Miami won its bowl game to take in consideration quality wins. One may say that a problem with the playoff is that a number one ranked team can have a bad day and get knocked out of the playoffs which would seem unfair. The BCS rankings are
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