Winning A One Loss Florida Gators Team Won The Southeastern Conference Title Game

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play with contenders in the power conferences. In 2007 a one loss Florida Gators team won the Southeastern Conference title game and jumped ahead of number two Michigan who didn’t play that week. In 2004 an undefeated Auburn Tigers team was not able to able to play for the National Championship because they started out at a ranking of 17 in the beginning of the season and were not able to jump ahead of USC or Oklahoma since they went undefeated as well.
Critics argue that if the change was made to have a playoff the BCS rankings will not by having a playoff system the BCS rankings will not be ignored and will still be used. When determining who will make it to the playoff the BCS ranking will be used. The top four teams each play a semifinal game and the winners play in the Championship. There is some discussion that they will change the amount of teams to eight or 16 and they will be given the chance to compete in a playoff to make it to the national championship. There would not be an issue of games meaning less than originally. Each game would have more relevance and would draw more attendance throughout the year because an early loss may not ruin your chance completely. A team that loses more than two games may not be able to finish in the top 10. This may not be the case if the team has defeated many opponents of a high ranking. The BCS does make sure that wins and losses be a factor in computing the rankings. The teams in the Southeastern conference, Big 12 have…
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