Winning in 2012: A Strategy for President Obama Essay

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There is no question that the upcoming 2012 presidential election is shaping up to be an extremely close and competitive race. While President Obama holds all the advantages that an incumbent would possess, the fact that the country is facing uncertain times is not helpful for his reelection aspirations. A stubborn unemployment rate at 8.3%, high gas prices, skyrocketing debt, a struggling housing market, and a seemingly unending war in Afghanistan are all nuisances the president wishes would disappear before November 6, 2012. While some of these problems are out of his hands, his likely opponent, Mitt Romney, will surely do his best to place the blame squarely on the president. Romney, who has previously ran for president, appears to…show more content…
It has been proven that, “People are more likely to vote when they have been mobilized by a campaign. When a campaign worker contacts a voter and asks for his or her vote, the likelihood of voting increases substantially” (Herrnson et al. 132). By personally contacting voters on the ground instead of solely relying on paid and free media, President Obama’s campaign hopes to not only increase turnout, but also to collect valuable information regarding where voters stand in their support or disapproval of the president. This information, collected by canvassers, is stored in computer databases and will be used later in the campaign to contact voters who previously expressed support for the president to make sure they get to the polls. Clearly, having a strong ground game can be the difference between a narrow win or a slim defeat in a close election. So far it appears that President Obama has the superior ground game. While Romney has been in an extended primary fight, since February the president’s campaign has “pumped nearly $79 million into laying the groundwork for the general election, deploying staff to far-flung corners of the country such as Laramie, Wyo., and Lebanon, N.H. as part of an ambitious, tech-savvy field effort” (Gold and Mason).

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