Winslow Homer Research Paper

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Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1836. One of the people who inspired Homer was his mother. She was an amateur painter and was his first teacher. Homer first job was working for a commercial lithographer. After about two years he was offered a job for Harper’s Weekly but he turned down the job. Homer opened his own studio in New York City. For a short amount of time he had classes at the National Academy of Design, and studied with Frederic Rondel. Homer began creating great oil works with only a year of self-training. Homer’s mother tried to raise money for him to go to Europe to further study, but this did not happen. Instead Harper’s sent him to the American Civil War, where he would go on to sketch mostly everyday camp life and also battle scenes.…show more content…
He attended Pennsylvania of the Fine Arts for four years, and would go to anatomy lectures at Jefferson Medical College. Later, Eakins would arrive in Paris where he would be taught mainly by Jean-Leon Gerome and also some with Leon Bonnat. Once Eakins became a teacher at the Pennsylvania Academy in 1876, it turned out to develop into the best art school in America, although dissatisfaction arose from his teaching style. He was forced to resign in 1887 after he showed a group of female students a male’s pelvis during a lecture. From that point on, Eakins focus on
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