Winston Churchill : A Great Hero Of The British And The Free World

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Many men in the world are constant forces, always moving towards one fulfilling goal. Others try for many different achievements in erratic moments of inspiration. Some succeed after a single, tiring battle, and others live through many battles, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. Winston Churchill fit into the latter category. In life Churchill jumped from great triumphs to costly losses seemingly overnight, and in politics even more so. He enjoyed great moments. He suffered terrible moments. Winston Churchill, a great hero of the British and the Free World, is remembered for his finest hour – his role in the Second World War – but no man, no matter how great, is faultless, and Churchill made his fair share of mistakes. Winston Churchill was born on November 30, 1874 to Lord Randolph Churchill, a well known British politician, and Jennie Jerome, a lady originally from the United States of America. Churchill was the descendent of the duke of Marlborough, a man with numerous military accomplishments, who left his descendents the Blenheim Palace, a palace gifted to him after one of his successful military campaigns. Churchill appeared to have inherited the duke of Marlborough’s military talents and his father’s political talents – as well as some of Randolph Churchill’s political faults. Before Churchill could begin his illustrious career, however, it was compulsory for him to finish school. Violet Bonham Carter wrote that school felt unnatural to Winston Churchill, nor…
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