Winston Churchill : A Successful Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom

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Winston Churchill said “if you 're going through hell, keep going” which is an excellent representation of how his life went, and how this moto helped him to succeed. In his childhood he struggled with family life and school, but he kept going and ended up being a very successful Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Churchill also said “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”, he used this in his own life when he did not give up when getting into military school after failing twice before. Winston Churchill lived a life worth talking about; in this paper his early life, military time, time in power, and last years will be discussed.
Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born to an aristocratic family on November 30, 1874, at Blenheim Palace. The palace was given to his ancestors by Queen Anne. He was born to Lord Randolph Churchill and Jenny Jerome. Lord Randolph was a part of the Tory Democrat party; while he achieved early success as a rebel in his party, later he failed and he was described as someone who had been successful behind him. Jenny Jerome was described as the beautiful and talented daughter of Leonard Jerome, who was a York businessman. Winston idolized his mother, but had little to no relations with his father who died in 1895.Within the same year Winston’s beloved nanny, Mrs. Elizabeth Everest, died. This was the person who he had formed the strongest childhood emotional connection with, as she was his constant

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