Winston Churchill: Britain's Guardian Angel

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Winston Churchill: Britain’s Guardian Angel
The date was August, 1940. London was a mess of smoking ruins and rubble. Somber visages marked the faces of passersby, all except for a plump, elderly man. His jowl quivered as he smiled and greeted everyone he saw; he dried the tears of a frightened child. This man was Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain during World War II. Heroes are often viewed as young, fit men who fight with physical strength, yet Winston Churchill led Britain to victory as an old man, solely using good leadership skills and determination. Winston Churchill is an example of a modern hero and his extraordinary odyssey fits most of the criteria of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey.
As a boy Winston was not expected to amount to anything. Born on November 30, 1874 at Blenheim Palace to an aristocratic family, he was sickly and disinterested in all of his studies except reading. Though privileged, Churchill was neglected by both of his parents. He dropped out of two schools before attending Harrow Boarding School. There, he developed an interest in the military, and went on to attend Sandhurst Royal Military College. It took Churchill three tries to pass the entrance exam, but he did extremely well at Sandhurst, developing a love of horse-riding and graduating with honors. Once out of college, Churchill joined the 4th Hussars, a gentlemen cavalry regiment, and served in India and Sudan, protecting British colonial borders. His military experience
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