Winston Churchill Democracy

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“Democracy is the worst form of government on earth except for all the rest - Winston churchill Some people may ask, Who is Winston Churchill ? Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Great Britain. He led britain to the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Churchill served in the british army and worked as a writer before going into politics.He is also a celebrated artist, author, and public speaker. He made several statements about government, life, and war. He was born into an aristocratic family, November 30, 1874. As he grew older he took his father traits, Lord Randolph Churchill, a British statesman from an England family. I believe churchill has the authority to discuss the quote because he is the prime minister of Great Britain. I believe that churchill was saying that democracy is the worst because everyone has the right to voice their opinion. Democracy is in our hands, which means that everyone decisions are based on the population votes. Churchill was voicing his opinion about how he felt and there was nothing wrong with that because people have the right to say what they want. I think that churchill believes that…show more content…
Other forms of government is Anarchy (everyone or no one) , Monarchy and Dictatorship ( ruled by one, king or queen). Two forms of government is Dictatorship and Democracy. We have direct democracy where individuals vote directly. Dictatorship is the ruling of one. Although there are different sorts of dictatorship, we have communism which is the government structure that only meets the basic needs of its population. The Monarchy dictatorship is the subcategory, where the people in power have the power by birth right and are inherited. These two types of government are totally opposite of each other and they both have their advantages and
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