Winston Churchill: Effective leader of Britain

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Winston Churchill can be recognised as the most effective leader for his country England during World War II. There were many leaders throughout the second war some remarked as the horrible enemy while others are considered to be glorified with praise daily. Churchill in 1940 became Prime Minister and all through the war remained a dominant figure in British politics. With many speeches he inspired many citizens to remain strong across his country effectively. His strategic foresight enabled him to successfully comprehend the complicated stages of the war. Churchill’s passion and charisma effectively enabled him to lead. By strengthening Britain’s people together, he uncovered a strong united country. Undoubtedly he successfully won the war along with the allies showing that he was indeed the most effective leader for England. With the powerful role as Prime Minister, Winston Churchill had additionally a talent of inspiring the people. Regardless of the situation or circumstance he remained enthusiastic, determined and optimistic if not always in private then constantly in public. Throughout the war, a number of remarkable speeches were presented by Churchill that can be seen to be as one of the many famous speeches of all time. This can include 1940 speech We Shall Fight on the Beaches and Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat. One of Winston’s private secretaries talks about the leader’s effect on politics and the war. “The effects of Churchill’s zeal were felt immediately in
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