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On Britain’s quiet streets, nothing seems to disturb the peace that dusk delivered. But, mere miles from the Kingdom’s coast, the sea is abundant with violence. German submarines slink below, prepared to strike, prepared to kill; prepared to make an enemy. As history was to be made on this day, it seems that there was no man more fit to craft it. This enemy once said “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it myself.” He decided that if something were to be fixed, he’d be the one to do it. This self-confidence translated well into politics, enhancing his leadership. He is the man who assumes control. He is Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill is widely considered influential to all with whom he graced his presence with. His …show more content…
The military called him, and Churchill answered that call. Over the next five years, Churchill would go on to serve under three regiments, including the Malakand Field Force, infamously the subject of the Nobel Prize winner’s first novel (Churchill1.) His first two books were published in 1898 and ‘99, respectively (LIFE.) He then went on to serve as a journalist in the Boer War, in South Africa (Churchill1.) Captured, Churchill was made a prisoner of war before his heroic escape. He explains the happenings in London to Ladysmith. Just as in India, Churchill also spent time in Sudan (Churchill1.) Literature played a large role while he was stationed in the military. Between jobs, he read the works of Darwin, Gibbon, Plato, Aristotle, and Macaulay, educating him in philosophy and speech remarkably. The most influential writer to Churchill was Gibbon, who he credits for helping him become a great orator (Churchill1.) He first began writing while stationed in Cuba, and was a correspondent for the London Daily Graphic (Churchill1.) Politics came later. When Churchill returned from the war, he was disappointed with his pay, and altered his career course. However, when he first stood for Parliament, he was defeated, but not dissuaded.

When he finally gained office, he volleyed through the ranks, but was not popular. He switched

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