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Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

     Winston Churchill was one of the most influential people in this century. He held many offices, jobs, and positions that greatly affected the life of the British, and the history of the world.
In Blenheim Palace at Woodstock on November 30th, 1874, Winston Churchill was born.1 He grew up as the first child of Lord Randolph Churchill.2 Lord Randolph Churchill held a seat as a member of Parliament and was considered a notable politician.3 Churchill's mother, the former Miss Jennie Jerome, was an American, whose father was a newspaper proprietor.4 Being in politics, Lord Randolph and his family traveled much, and bonded rarely. Winston Churchill was a disappointment to his
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At this time Churchill discovered his own gift for writing. He wrote many things from a novel called Savrola to a bibliography on his ancestor, the First Duke of Marlborough. Since writing came easy to Churchill he ventured into journalism. He sent his letters from Cuba, which were published in the 'Daily Telegraph';. 12
     Although Churchill was an accomplished journalist and had served in his nations military, he still longed for something more. Following in the footsteps of his father, Churchill turned to politics. He approached the Conservative Central Office in London and asked if he could make a political speech at a meeting. Because of a speech impediment, Churchill used is knowledge of the English language to overcome this hindrance.13 Winston was asked by the Conservative Party to fight a by-election. He was elected as a member of Parliament in 1900.14 Four years later, Churchill left the conservatives to join with the liberals. For several years, Churchill held offices from Secretary of State to the First Lord of the Admiralty. While serving in the latter position he devoted his time and energy to improving an already strong Navy. At this time, he also fostered what was to become the modern tank. The original contraption was nicknamed 'Winston's Folly.';15
     In 1914 World War One started. Churchill had long foreseen the coming of this world disaster. Churchill had wisely set his goals on

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