Winston Churchill : The Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom Essay

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Winston Churchill Amelia Kuntz Mr. Thompson Contemporary Studies December 15, 2016 Amelia Kuntz Mr. Thompson Contemporary Studies December 15, 2016 Winston Churchill Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on November 30th, 1874. He was known as many things in the positions he served, but he was most remembered as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Winston Churchill had many successes in his lifetime, but he was mainly recognized for leading his country to victory against Nazi Germany in World War II. In all the obstacles he had encountered in his life, Winston Churchill needed to use careful planning and unmatched order within government and the military, and was able to do so successfully. Winston Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England, to British Lord Randolph Churchill, who was a British politician, and American heiress Jennie Jerome. Churchill was mainly raised by his nanny Mrs. Elizabeth Everest, who raised him in his parents’ absence. Churchill had a strong bond with Mrs. Everest. With education, Churchill had a poor academic career, but was able to go study military tactics. He attended the Royal Military College, where he graduated at the top of his class, and became a cavalry officer. Besides training, some of the action Churchill received included witnessing and reporting the Cuban rebellion against Spain. He also saw service
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