Winston Churchill's Speech To Parliament To Protest The Britons

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Winston Churchill had delivered a war speech to Parliament to rally the Britons. It was a time when people had a sense of fear and hopelessness. Pessimism was prominent around this time due to the effects of World War I and the Great Depression . The thought of entering another war frightening and discouraging for many people, including the Britons. Winston Churchill had the herculean task of uniting the people when fear and doubt ran rampant throughout England. Winston Churchill was born in November 30, 1874 to the Marlboroughs, a noble aristocratic family . He followed his father’s footsteps into the “progressive Toryism of Disraeli. ” During World War I and 1939, he served as the Lord of the Admiralty with full charge of the Navy. Despite having a reputation as “a maverick who had jumped the party once” in 1939, the Conservative leaders appointed him as Prime Minister . On May 10, 1940, he became the Prime Minister and had to help the Britons “develop and solidify their mental fortitude. ” The speech was dated on September 3, 1939 to Parliament in London, England; two days after England declared war on Germany . The speech was intended to unite the people who were still in shock from the aftermath of World War I and struggling with widespread unemployment…show more content…
” When England was pushed into war, he stated that the comradery of the people “is the only foundation upon which the trial and tribulation of modern war can be endured. ” To encourage the people, he makes a comparison of the people now to those of Britain’s glorious past. He reminds them to be thankful because there’s “a generation of Britons here now ready to prove itself not unworthy of the days of yore… ” To appeal to the people’s sense of liberty, he stated that the reason for the war was to “establish, on impregnable rocks, the rights of the individual.
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