Winston Is a Hero

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A hero is a figure who stands out above the rest by exceptional bravery, determination and uniqueness. In the novel 1984, the protagonist Winston, who lives in a country where nobody goes against "Big Brother" and anybody who does is punished, shows that he possesses the qualities of a true hero. Winston's bravery is shown when he goes against the laws of his society despite knowing the consequences and so, proves that he has the courage of a hero. Winston shows determination when he continues to learn more and more about the hidden secrets of his society even though he knows it is wrong and hence shows immense fortitude that allows him to accomplish deeds that only a champion could do. Finally, by his maintenance of his individuality…show more content…
On page 115 the author stated, “He did not consider any longer the possibility that she may be laying some kind of trap for him.” This shows that he’s willing to accept the consequences of Julia and him having an affair and is ready to face whatever. Lastly, when O’Brien came in contact with Winston, he asked about Big Brother and asked to join their party. “We believe that there is some kind of conspiracy, some/ kind of secret organization working against the Party, and/ that you are involved in it. We want to join it and work for/ it. “(177) In this quotation, Winston clearly exposes the fact that he is against Big Brother and he wants to join O’Brien’s group, and that he doesn’t care about the fact that O’Brien may be just pretending to be an ally, or the fact that even thinking of going against Big Brother can kill him. This clearly shows how brave Winston is compared to all the other people in Oceania who have yet to dare such a thing. Winston also shows determination throughout the novel. For example, when he was caught for having an affair with Julia, he did not give up his beliefs. O’Brien tortured Winston severely for thought crime and for the fact that he was willing to join brotherhood. However, until the very end of his pain Winston still said he hated Big Brother and that he did not like what they were doing. No matter how much pain he went through, Winston stood up for what he believed and he expressed his beliefs. When O’Brien asked
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