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Thesis Statement: Winston Moseley has had three major details that impacted his life, such as his back ground, his crimes, and his time in jail.
I. Winston Moseley was a working man and had a family.
a. Moseley owned a home in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York.
b. He worked as a machine operator in New York.
c. Moseley was raising two children with his wife in Queens.
d. He was apprehended on March 18, 1964, while trying to steal television.
e. He did not have any previous criminal record.
II. Moseley was charge with three murder cases.
a. The crime he is most known for is the Genovese murder on March 27, 1964.
b. On the day of the arrest, for the murder of Catherine Genovese, Moseley confessed to the murder of two
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Winston Moseley’s life can be characterized by three major settings: his family life, his crimes, and his imprisonment. Winston Moseley was known to everyone around him as a typical family man, and he owned a house in Queens, New York. Winston worked as a machine operator in New York, and he work very hard to support his family. He and his wife, were also busy raising their two children. He did not have any type of previous criminal record. However, Winston Mosley was arrested on March 18, 1964 for attempting to steal a television. He was 28 years old at the time of his first arrest. This shocking arrest was only the beginning of convictions made towards Moseley. (Gado “Investigation” 1)
Moseley secret life of crime began suddenly began to unravel. Moseley was later charged with several rapes, burglaries, and three homicides (Philpin 3). The crime for which he became most well-known was is the Genovese murder on March 27, 1964. On the day Mosley was arrested for the murder of Catherine Genovese, he also confessed to the murder of two other women. He had previously murdered Barbara Kralik and Annie Johnson, as well as Catherine Genovese (Philpin 3). Following his trial, Moseley was given the death sentence. Later, Moseley’s unstable mental condition was admitted into the case as evidence of his unpredictable behavior, and his sentence was reduced to life in prison.
During his imprisonment, Moseley tried numerous times to

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