Winter Fall Injury Research Paper

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Minnesota winters are both snowy and cold, and create conditions that make walking and driving hazardous. Avoiding personal injury during this time of year requires caution, careful planning, and making the right preparations each time you walk or drive in snowy or icy conditions.

However, winter injuries can still happen despite your careful and diligent efforts. The reason is the actions or inaction of others can cause a personal injury that might require the services of a Minnesota personal injury lawyer. Two common injuries sustained during the winter are those caused by falls and car accidents.

Avoiding Winter Fall Injuries

Avoiding falls start with using the right footwear. Avoid smooth soled shoes, especially those made of leather or
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Yet life must go on during the winter, and all motorists must exercise caution on snowy or icy roads. Use snow tires for the best winter traction. Their tread and rubber provide a much better grip than all-season tires. Remember that posted speed limits are for ideal road conditions. Slow down in slippery conditions and allow extra following space behind the vehicle in front.

Give your driving extra focus because your ability to swerve and brake is severely limited on snow or ice. Avoid driving during storms by delaying your trips and staying off the road late at night when intoxicated people often drive. Many car accidents are caused by motorists who drive too fast or aggressively for the conditions and who fail to allow adequate following distances.

When to Use a Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

You should consult with a personal injury lawyer for injuries that put you out of work, cause chronic pain, hospitalization, surgery, or involve lengthy recovery periods. If your insurance isn't paying you enough to adequately cover your medical expenses or is refusing to make any payments, you also need a good lawyer to look into the
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