Winter Girls Character Analysis

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an eating disorder. Laure Halse Anderson created this concept for her characters in her novel, Winter Girls. The narrative centers around an eighteen-year-old girl named Lia Overbook and her former friend, Cassie. Lia suffers from anorexia and Cassie suffers from bulimia and both live their life according to their mental illness. Anderson’s narrative surrounding these two girls uncovers the painful life of disordered eating and its devastating consequences. In examining this novel’s premise, the concepts surrounding emotional, somatic, and behavioral grief, self-harm/suicide, and deathbed visions are explored through Lia’s narrative and actions. Now, Lia and Cassie were best friends who encouraged each other’s harmful behavior. The level of toxicity in their relationship is evident when they swore to each other to be the skinniest girls at their school yet each of them purposely sabotaged the other person’s efforts. Their lives were dangerously intertwined in this competition. Unfortunately, after a heavy night of binging and purging alone in a hotel room, Cassie unexpectedly passes away. In the wake of hearing this news, Lia’s three stages of grief begin and it starts with immediate emotional grief. To elucidate, Grief is the reaction a person displays following a loss and there are usually three forms. Emotional grief represents the feelings an individual may feel in reaction to a death. In Lia’s case, her emotional grief begins and continues as a sense of extreme and
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