Winter Girls

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English 2 Pre-AP April 12, 2012 A Bumpy Road to Recovery Lia Overbrook is an anorexic girl who seeks recovery for her cut up and weightless body. As a child, Lia and her best friend Cassie swore to become the skinniest girls in school. This evolved into an obsession by both girls, causing problems not only for friends and family, but for themselves as well. Cassie’s death haunts Lia throughout the story and seeks literally as well as figuratively. In Winter Girls, by Laurie Halse Anderson, Lia Overbrook demonstrates her addiction to weight loss as a way to cope with her mental instability by concealing her weight and making reckless decisions. Lia’s craze for extreme weight loss…show more content…
Parker when Lia begins to finally eat (Anderson 276). Even though she finally ate because of the frustration towards her father, deep inside her she despises taking every single bite. This exemplifies Lia’s arrogance is still present in her but for the sake of Emma and the rest of the family she begins to change. In this story of a girl fighting against anorexia and the death of an old close friend, Lia expresses her inability to consume food. Lia throughout the novel, displays sly habits to veil problems both physically and mentally, and acts on thoughtless perspectives. She eventually hops on the road to recovery with one baby step at a time. While frozen in a situation of immense turmoil, Lia Overbrook proves that one can eventually “thaw out” and begin turning a new leaf on
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