Essay on Winter Olympics 2006 Marketing Plan

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Torino 2006: What Kind of Olympic Winter Games Were They?
A Preliminary Account From an Organizational and Economic Perspective
Piervincenzo Bondonio and Nadia Campaniello 

Citius, Altius, Fortius! To what extent does the motto of the Olympics relate to Torino 2006? Has the XXth edition of the Olympic Winter Games (OWG) continued the positive trend whereby each edition, with only a few exceptions, surpasses the one before? In which areas have there been improvements, if any? To what extent have the targets set by the bid promoters and the organizers been achieved, or missed? Finally, on what foundations and from which perspectives have Turin and its surrounding Olympic valleys managed to plan, and how are they preparing to make
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helped to organize the event by providing services that fully reflected the expected quality standards, albeit at the expense of personal stress. Organizing Committee staff at both the Sydney and Salt Lake City Games resulted from far larger application pools than Turin enjoyed. Staff in the Torino Games was deri ved from sixty-one percent of the total number of applications. Turin staff totals reflected low involvement (15 % of the total) of people from Italian regions other than the Piedmont. The presence of non-Italian staff, however, was a trifle higher, 18 %. This is certainly a
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