Winter Olympics of 1932 Brightened the Time of the Great Depression

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On February 4th, 1932, the third winters Olympics were held, but it was the first time it happened in United States. “1932” was a time of great depression, not the best of times, but despite economic crisis, Lake Placid, New York, embraced the games. They did not gain monetarily, but the games were so publicized, that popularity for the Olympic Games increased immensely from it. The Olympics come as far as 776 BC, from the ancient Greece, but the first official winter games were held in 1924 in Chamonix France. The sole purpose was to bring the world together in a peaceful matter, but it was also to celebrate the strongest athletes. The Olympics have carried the torch every four years ever since, and today over 90 countries participate. On February 4th 1932, Paul Jones, a 17 year old boy scout participated in the festivities of the Olympics; he did not think anything of it, and never thought to mention it to his own children, until his fifty years old son discovered a picture in a museum with his father at the 1932 games. No one would have anticipated the enormous phenomenon that would become of the Olympics. Even at times of turmoil, it brought solidarity, and also friendly competition between alias and even adversaries. 17 countries including United States participated in Lake Placid Games; 84 years later, Nations involve in the games have literally quadrupled. Athletes have become fiercer, more

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