Winter Olympics vs The Summer Olympics

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Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Every two years the Olympic games come around. For three weeks we watch as the nation’s finest compete against other nations for the chance to have a medal draped around their necks. There are two types of Olympics: the summer and winter games, but only one could be the better of the two. As a viewer of the events, the answer to that question is easy; the better of the two is the winter games because of the time of year, the athletic events, and the moments to remember. In order to evaluate the Summer and Winter Olympics, I considered several criteria. The first criterion I used was time of year. The weather and temperature play a big part in every aspect of all Olympic games. Another criterion I considered was the athletic events. The Olympic games are not worth watching if there is no thrill in watching it. The last criterion I used in my evaluation was memorable moments. Why would anyone want to watch the Olympic games if there is nothing that could change history. The Winter Olympics obviously occur in the winter, which is the better season for competition. I love the winter; the beauty of the snow on the ground, and the ice crystals that form on everything outside. Along with winter’s beauty, it is extremely cold, which makes it the perfect time of the year to stay inside. Also, since it is cold outside watching the Olympics is the perfect excuse to not scoop snow and instead, curl up with a blanket, and turn on the TV to watch the days

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