Winter Park Hotel

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Park Winter Hotel Case Study

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This case study will focus on the restructuring of the Park Winter Hotel front desk to reach an optimum level of staff efficiency and guest service. At present, the hotel has five clerks on duty, each with a separate waiting line, during peak check-in time of 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Observation of arrivals during this period shows that an average of 90 guests arrive each hour (although there is no upward limit on the number that could arrive at any given time). It takes an average of 3 minutes for the front-desk clerk to register each guest. Ms. Shader believes the key to reducing her wait time is in one of the three plans she is
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The other 90-27= 63 /hour distribute

themselves in the four remaining slow servers each with = 63/4 = 15.75 per hour, with each of

whose mean service time is 3.4 minutes or 0.5667 hours, which means m = 1/0.5667 = 17.65 per

hour. The average time in the system for these guests will be 0.53 hours or 31.8 minutes. The

average time in the system for these guests in the slow servers is 0.53 hours or 31.6 minutes. The

average time for all arrivals would be 0.3 x 20 + 0.7 x 31.8 = 28.3 minutes.


Quick Server


Slower Servers

A single waiting line for the five clerks yields an M/M/5 model, in this case = 90 per

hour, m = 20 per hour. The average time in the system is Ws = 7.6 minutes.


Single Waiting Line

By using an ATM having the same service rate as the clerks, which is 20/hour to 20% of

arrivals, which is 18/hour would give the same average time as for these guests in the current

system, which is 30 minutes. The remaining = 72 per hour form an M/M/4 or M/M/5 system.

With four
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