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Pest Control Fort Worth
Winter Pest Control Tips
Homeowner's often ask if continued pest control during the winter is even necessary. The answer is yes, it is wise to continue pest control throughout the colder winter season, especially in the warmer climates. During the winter months, insects and rodents want to find warmth and shelter, and this often means your warm home. While many pests will go dormant during the winter months, others will seek shelter or migrate south to warmer climates. This is the reason you may see more ants, roaches and other pests such as rodents during the winter season. With the right prevention, and professional pest control in Fort Worth you can protect your home from unwanted invaders.
Pest control in Fort Worth
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Inspect for rodent nests in seldom used areas that are dark and secluded. This includes garages where vehicles, motorcycles, ATV's and lawn mowers are kept. Rodents can destroy wiring harnesses in no time.
5. Check for damaged food packages and dry pet foods. Don't leave leftovers or food refuse out, dispose of it in the trash.
6. If you catch a whiff of a musty odor it may be a rodent nest, a dead mouse or droppings. Watch your pet, if it seems intrigued by a certain location, inspect it thoroughly for signs of a rodent issue.
7. Sighting a mouse is a definite sign, and unfortunately, there may be more than one. Females give can give birth 10 times a year with 6 to 8 mice per liter. This is why you require prompt action for mice. Furthermore, it isn't true that mice will leave in the spring. Your home is the ideal location for rodents with comfortable indoor temperatures and food. While more can come in during the winter if the home isn't tight, mice in the winter typically means mice year round. The Bug Dude can take care of your rodent problem with pest control in Fort Worth.
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