Winter 's Bone : Women Essay

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Klaudine Pambid
Professor Adam Wadenius
Film 110
27 October 2016
Winter’s Bone:
Women in classical Hollywood films has been historically often portrayed as from the typical patriarchal perspective. The traditional representative of women in cinema is often shown to be the ideal feminine character or as a character that strengthens the ideology of femininity in women and masculinity in men. Women in film have been objectified and cast aside as secondary characters that only relate to a male character while the ideal masculine character is often depicted by an attractive, strong male that is capable of solving any obstacle that comes his way. A “woman’s film”, identified by Molly Haskell, are melodramatic scenes that are supposed to appeal to women because of the implication that women are more emotional than men. It belittles the problems of females and shows them as insignificant little emotional problems that women are overly emotional for. These types of representation that are often found in traditional Hollywood films perpetuate the gender norms in cinema and reinforces the patriarchal view in which the man is superior to the woman. Debra Granik’s Winter’s Bone (2010) subvert traditional representations of women in Hollywood film and the archetypal “women’s film” by portraying women in a different light compared to the traditional gender norm of a feminine woman and a masculine man. The film shows representation of women in a way that defies the traditional, patriarchal
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