Winthrop 's First Governor Of The Massachusetts Bay Colony

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Winthrop was a well educated man who became the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. John Winthrop was a visionary utopian who saw fault in the English religious society. Winthrop called England, “Morally corrupt and over burdened with people,” however; Winthrop sought new land for his children and Christian followers. In 1630 John Winthrop began his “exodus with 900 migrants in search of a new land”. Winthrop envisioned a new colony that would reform the Christian society that he knew of in England. This Christian reformation was lead by Winthrop. Also, magistrates, and ministers helped develop the blueprint of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. John Winthrop’s overall goal was to help colonist work together for the greater good of the whole population. John Winthrop’s Sermon Upon reaching the new land, serious issues regarding community formation arose. The Puritans main concern was how they were going to create a community in the wilderness without each member separating off into different directions. A societal shift was necessary to preserve the unity of the colony. Magistrates and ministers had to convince the colonist that their personal salvation depended on the measure on their collective behavior. John Winthrop called his community, “A city upon a hill,” because he wanted to urge the colonist to re-conceptualize their differences, and sacrifice individuality in order to foster the greater good of the society. John Winthrop’s, “A Model of Christianity”
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