Wireless And Mobile Technologies : Analysis

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Wireless and Mobile Technologies
The evolution of wireless and mobile technologies have enabled businesses to remain operative and profitable in a very competitive workplace environment. From just a decade ago, there has been a paradigm shift from direct, face to face communication to more interaction with capabilities from any place, at any time using any device. At an unprecedented pace than ever before businesses are reliant upon eCommerce and eBusiness strategies utilizing wireless and mobile technologies. This is coupled with the need to allow employees workplace flexibility from more secured business and personal smartphone or computing devices.
This case study narrative will focus on wireless and mobile technologies. The paper begins by defining wireless and mobile technologies, and determining how companies utilize these technologies to improve business efficiency. Next, this writer will examine the wireless and mobile technologies Delta has implemented, and evaluate the level of efficiency of the technology implementation. Additionally, this author will specify the overall manner in which Macy’s, the company selected for this assignment, implements organizational systems, wireless technologies, and mobile technologies. Furthermore, this writer will ascertain whether Delta or Macy’s is using the mobile and wireless technologies more strategically. Lastly, this case study will assess the operational and enterprise systems that support wireless and mobile
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