Wireless Body Area Network ( Wban )

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Abstract. A Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is a body worn system which provides the user with a set of mobile services. A BAN service platform for mobile healthcare and several healths BANs targeting different clinical applications have been developed. Each specialization of the BAN is equipped with a certain set of devices and associated application components, as appropriate to the clinical application. Different kinds of clinical data may be captured, transmitted and displayed, including text, numeric values, images and multiple bio-signal streams. Timely processing and transmission of such multimedia clinical data in a distributed mobile environment requires smart strategies. The efficiency and embedded ability of WBANs…show more content…
Wireless devices still have limited memory and processing power, and are especially restricted by of battery life. State of the art wireless communications technologies now handle high bandwidth applications, however transmission of some kinds of clinical data strings that exceeds the normal capacity available today. More importantly applications need to adapt to the dynamically changing communications environment and situation of the user. For this and other reasons m-health applications need to be context aware
The University of Twente and partners have been developing mobile health systems based on Body Area Networks (WBANs) since 2001. A number of WBANs and a BAN service platform targeted at the healthcare domain were developed during the course of several European and Dutch projects. We define a health BAN as a network of communicating devices (sensors, actuators, multimedia devices etc.). A BAN for health monitoring incorporates one or more sensors capturing bio-signals, which are transmitted to a remote healthcare location for viewing by health professionals.

One of the BAN devices, the Mobile Base Unit (MBU), acts as a communication gateway to other networks and takes care of local storage and processing. The MBU has been implemented on a number of different PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and smart phones. BAN data has
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