Wireless Communication Advantages And Disadvantages

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In this global world of technologies where the communication is being modern day by day, on every other day the new technologies are being invented so in this vast world of growing technologies the cognitive radio network is another addition and a step toward fast and secure communication. Cognitive radio network is the network used for wireless communication which uses the spectrum of frequencies. It is an intelligent network in a sense that it can recognize the channels in use or vacant, the ability of this network is that it can shift the data on vacant channel without letting the other busy channel get disturbed. CRN is a technology which works on the spectrum of frequencies, sensing the spectrum of frequencies at receiver’s
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It is an amazing approach toward the wireless technology being used in present era of technology where the radios will be able to use the spectrum of frequencies in a new and classy way. This technology will be able to sense and identify the changes environmentally in its surrounding and can change its configuration according to present situations so that CRN can demonstrate the best result which can be achieved. The CRN use most probable techniques by which the quality of communication can be improved. This technology is able to modify or change the parameters of its transmitter for an improved communication experience for user. The radios used earlier were carried with an assumption of working on spectrum band considered as to be idle of interference there was no need of bestowing these radios the ability to change the parameters of its transmitter, channel or spectrum. Through distinction xMax cognitive radios are able to sense the environment excellently by which then the CRN will notice which spectrum is not used thus immediately use the vacant spectrum for receiving and sending the data also it will come to know if there is any sort of interference has occurred on frequencies being used it do pay sharp glimpse on such interference. Whereas Amax hunts out the limitations of interference occurred. The CRN simply works on four simple techniques, spectrum sensing, spectrum management, spectrum sharing and spectrum mobility. Spectrum sensing is the first necessary
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