Wireless Communication, Bluetooth, Zigbee And Near Field Communication

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In this research paper we review three promising short-range wireless communication such as Radio FrequencyIdentification (RFID), Bluetooth, zigbee and Near-field Communication (NFC).NFC mobile services are an important emerging areafor NFC technology, with great potential for growth. The NFC Forum’s strategy for accelerating the growth of this business areaincludes recognizing and describing what is needed to realize successful NFC mobile services, such as key technologies, typical usecases, and the structure of the overall ecosystem. The success NFC across a broad range of applications depends on its large-scaleadoption by enterprises and consumers. This implies the need for simple, low-cost implementation of the technology in a wide variety ofdevices. This paper discusses NFC technology in detail along with its protocols, communication modes, comparison with other technologies and also its security aspects. Keywords: NFC, RFID. --------------------------------------------------------------------- *** ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. INTRODUCTION Within the last few years, contactless card technology has been maturing and has been adopted by major sectors such as transport, payment, and retailing. In parallel, mobile phones with the additional offerings of Internet and multimedia services have successfully entered people’s lifestyles. Contactless card technology can now expand its domain of applicability by adding contactless
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