Wireless Communication For Wearable Devices

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Wireless Communication for Wearable Devices Shivram Tabibu

This paper presents a review of Wireless Communication for Wearable Devices. The wearable devices are one of the primary means for the effective motion recognition of reflexive systems. We review some basic wearable deployments and their open wireless communication along the communication channel which have been devised.

In order to establish a given area network, wireless communication means is used by wearable devices to transmit data to proximate devices. Data transmission must be secure since wearable devices transmit vital information. Wearable wireless communication system is exciting new frontier techniques. There are many devices worked in
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Earlier electric-field distribution of a wearable device for the wireless communication with means of human body as a transmission channel was analyzed by the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method and confirmed by trial experiments and the elucidation of the influence in the propagation characteristics by the human body was restrictive [5].

The best illustration to explain a wireless communication system for a wearable device can be illustrated by establishing a Body Area Network and transmit data to proximate devices. The Figure 1 illustrates the hardware architecture of an Intra Body Communication System/ module. The communication module consists of a Serial interface unit(SIU), a Serializer/ Deserializer and a Modulator/ Demodulator. In order to interface with embedded microcontrollers, the serial interface is used as an on-chip communication system. The communication module is controlled by the integrated processor via serial interface. It transforms the data to serial form and uses FIFO to improve system performance. It is then modulated to become the transmission signal for communication for Intra Body. Modulation on the signal transmitter is done by modulator where the serial data is modulated with predefined frequencies in order to use the human body or a given system as
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