Essay on Wireless Communication Security

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Wireless Communication Security Abstract In today’s society advances in technology are growing rapidly. Businesses and people are taking full advantage of the improving ways of transmitting data internally and externally. One of the mediums today in transmitting data is via wireless communication systems. It is obvious that this data will need to be secure for many reasons. These will be the questions I will pose in this paper. Will this be a secure means of transmitting data? How sure are we of the means of security that we have available to us as consumers of this technology? The answers to these questions will be in a form of an opinion that I will have developed myself. I am not qualified to give a…show more content…
Thus, we need to examine what our security is and if we as consumers are comfortable with that or not. Statement of the Problem Is the wireless communication systems secure with the standards that have been put into place by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Will the protocol standards set in place by 802.11b meet the criteria of your specific needs, whether it is professional or business? Will the rapid changes in the technology continually affect the systems capabilities of ensuring secure data transmitting? In some of the mediums we use for wireless communication, for example mobile phones, can we have enough battery power for implementing proper security protocols? Should we continue to set new goals in security protocols to combat the rapidly changing technology? Review of Literature First, I am going to review the wireless communication section, which will be aimed at more of business and home personal computer use. These same methods will also apply to mobile phone use, but at this point I want to be more specific in discussing the IEEE (802.11) protocol standards in these systems. “The 802.11 standard for wireless networks include a WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) protocol, used to protect link-layer communications from eavesdropping and other attacks.” In this WEP protocol, they use two techniques, “Authentication
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